Notes On This Image

I have long been appalled by the practices of corporate America. Everything comes down to the almighty bottom line - and at the expense of all things which would insure the fair treatment of human beings left in its non-compassionate and seemingly ruthless wake. Money matters - nothing else.

Far too few corporations are concerned with the well-being of their employees, working conditions, the environment, or who they step on as they climb higher up the power ladder on their way to gaining more control over politicians and swaying legislation in their favor - as they continue to line their pockets with the sweat of the work force of America which they could really care less about. Move the company out of the country and put millions of Americans out of work? Sure. Open up sweatshops and suffer no consequences? No problem. Dump whatever they want wherever they want? Yep. That too.

One General Manager of a corporation I once worked for said to me, "Your name is always coming up and it's never good." Ah, well. I make no apologies for my indignance.



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