Notes on This Image

As human beings, most of us stand in awe over the brilliance of nature. We humbly respect and appreciate the vast variety of shapes and colors bestowed upon our world. And with all other living creatures - be it dogs , cats, horses, monkeys, etc. - we value their differences without assigning greater or lesser worth because of those differences. We have big dogs, little dogs, black dogs, white dogs, yellow dogs, brown dogs, orange dogs and spotted dogs - but they are all just dogs - equally loved for their different looks and personalities.

We give the same respect to horses; black, brown, grey, white, speckled - and cats and monkeys and tigers and fish and birds and butterflies and all other living beings on this earth - except ourselves. There is no black dog race, or white dog race, or orange cat race, or spotted horse race - they are just dogs and cats and horses. Period. And we wonder at the miraculous power of nature to have created such an awesome array of beautiful creatures. But we somehow fail to see ourselves in the same light. Why - as human beings - do we not appreciate the same diversity that nature has so generously bestowed upon us? Why do we separate ourselves by our shape, our size, and by the color of our skin?



(c) 2020 Terry Alice