Notes On This Image

This was one of my first paintings. It was originally titled "Global Cleansing," mocking 'ethnic cleansing,' but that caused some confusion - so, when I decided to put my art on t-shirts, I was going to put the caption "Racism Sucks" underneath this one - so there would be no confusion as to its meaning. But some of my friends thought that was too harsh, so I toned it down to "Racism Bites" (which they thought was still too harsh) so, I came up with this - which I really like. Ironically, the very first time I put the image out for the public, a girl looking at it said, "that's interesting," and when I told her what I was originally going to put on it she said, "You put that on it and I'll buy it!" How cool is that? So, I will soon offer it that way, too. Which way do you like better?



(c) 2020 Terry Alice