Notes On This Image

We live in a world where we have invented weapons which have the ability to kill millions of human beings in a matter of minutes. Minutes. "Weaponsofmassdestruction," as our X-Resident of the Oval Office was so fond of saying. Mass Destruction. It's insane enough that we have handguns which can kill even one human being at a time - and machine guns and tanks which can kill hundreds of human beings at a time, but we also have bombs and missiles bigger than your house which can kill millions of human beings in one big blast. As if the machine guns and the tanks weren't enough?

If you walk down the street in this country, enter someone's house, and kill one human being with a handgun - when apprehended you will likely spend the rest of your life in prison or be sentenced to death by the Courts. But - if the President of your country decides to send hundreds of troops into another country and kill thousands of human beings - many who are innocent civilians - well, that is perfectly legal. Legal. You can't kill one person in your own country - but you can kill thousands in another country. ??? And - it's O.K. to have weapons capable of wiping out thousands of human beings - but, millions - well, according to our governing officials - that's going too far.


It's all going too far.

We live in a world where we not only invent weapons which are capable of wiping out entire cities all at once - we actually think it's alright to use them. We already have enough weapons in this world to destroy the entire planet three-times-over. T-h-r-e-e- -t-i-m-e-s- -o-v-e-r. And the good this will accomplish is - what? Annihiliating entire populations is a justifiable action - why? How? War, unprovoked or otherwise - is unjust, barbaric, and a crime against humanity.



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