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Number eleven.

Just the other day at a family gathering, someone was going to throw away a piece of stale bread. Just then another person said, quite facetiously, "No, don't throw it away, give it to Terry - she'll make toast."

Ha Ha. Very funny.

Is that funny?

It's not, really.

Human beings are starving all over this planet and yet others who have more than enough food to eat throw it away and think absolutely nothing about it.

Into the trash without so much as one second's thought about so many others who would love to have just one small piece of anything.

Where is the conscience of so many people who live in such abundance?

Too many people just don't think about a given issue so prevalent outside of their own personal space until they are indeed faced with that very issue themselves.

Why is that?

Why is there so much of the, "If it's not happening to me I don't care" attitude in this world?

Why the hell is it so prevalent???

Why don't we care? Well, I do - do you? And what's up with everyone else? Really - what?

Every time I see food being thrown away, I cringe. Someone could have eaten that. Someone would have devoured it. Someone, somewhere, needed it. Yet into the garbage pale it went without so much as an afterthought.

We are a wasteful nation. We are a selfish, self-absorbed, uncaring nation who think only of ourselves and don't give a crap about anybody else.

I find this greatly disturbing.

And I believe in karma.

If it is necessary - it will happen to you.

Those that need it will learn to care because one day they will wake up with nothing - no food, no shelter, no nothing. No big bank account, no fancy car, nada. If not in this lifetime than in another - but it will, at some point - happen. And they will see food being thrown into the trash and their hearts will sink. They will be affected. Because the universe teaches us about our selfishness in ways we have no choice but to understand.

And then we will.

Or, we can save ourselves the karmic lesson and think about it now.

Ask yourself, "What if I were starving?"

"What if I had no food to eat?"

"Would I be so quick to waste food, then?"

Honestly, does it have to happen to you before you can understand how it would feel to be hungry all the time?

I propose to you that the next time you feel those hunger pangs in your belly - don't eat. Really - don't. Think about how it feels. Really, how it feels. Think about what it would be like to have to feel that way all the time - because this world is full of people who do.

People who live in abundance always have enough food. When they are hungry, they eat. They have food at their home that they have bought. Or they go to a restaurant and have someone else prepare their food for them and then pay them for it.

But not everyone lives in such abundance. And not everyone has enough money to buy food to eat when they are hungry.

It is true that I have issues with having to buy food in the first place when it grows in the earth for free. And this certainly does go hand in hand with the consequence of human beings starving because they can't afford to buy the food they need to sustain themselves - along with the fact that they just can't choose a spot in the earth to grow it because some other human being has the audacity to think they own it and so someone else has to buy it from them. (Yes, I have issues with these things. And when just one human being who is leaving this earth is able to say, "This piece of earth is mine and I am taking it with me," and is able to cut that piece of land out of the earth and indeed take it with them - well, then I'll change my opinion on this. But in this one humble earthling's opinion - I don't foresee that happening, well, ever).

And if I could make every human being on this earth aware of that and change things right this second - well, damn straight I would.

This earth is rich with soil to grow many different types of food. This is a garden meant to grow food to sustain the life that lives upon it. All life - not just some of it! I am appalled at the status quo of this world - of the arrogance of the wealthy and the disdain for the poor, of the apathy of the masses who have more than they need and the lack of compassion for those who have so little. It is indeed a twisted reality we live in and it is this one most humble earthling's opinion that I seriously doubt the powers-that-be, who so graciously gave this earth to us all - are pleased at how we have abused the privelege, taken so much and given back so little - in turn understanding nothing of how our gifts were to be appreciated and shared by every human being on this earth - equally.

The strongest have taken all that they can take; they have raped this earth with their ignorance and their greed - and they have laughed and left nothing to those too weak to take it for themselves. And ironically, on an earth so rich with resources - no one should have to fight for any of it - and no one should go without the necessary elements for survival.

But, as it is - as backward from what I believe the powers-that-be intended - there are too many people on this earth who have no shelter and nothing to eat - and too many people who have plenty and don't care.

And yes - I find this accepted inherent reality rather disturbing.

So - the next time you go to your comfortable home, and prepare to lay down in your comfortable bed, or feel those hunger pangs - before you go to your home, or to your bed, or to your refridgerator full of food, or to the store, or to a restaurant - imagine what it would feel like - if you couldn't.

And that's all I have to say about this. For now, anyway.

Peace 2 u.

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