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O.K. Herewith is my first 'editorial.'

I am, and have been concerned with the Presidential Election which has rightly captured the attention of the country. History in the making folks...

As far as the turmoil about whether or not we have or have not voted is concerned - all I will say about this is that I hope the powers who decide the outcome will not send a message to the people of America which would prove that the old saying, "our votes don't count" - is true. The votes have not all been counted. They need to be counted - every last one of them - and counted correctly. Period.

Aside from that, what continues to both bewilder and concern me the most is the fact that George W. Bush is in contention for the Presidency of this country. ??? I'm sorry - I just don't get it.

In this one humble earthing's opinion, George W. Bush does not have the intellectual capacity to lead our 50 states. Personally, I don't believe he has the mental where-with-all to run an empty garage, either, just to give that statement some perspective. The man is simply lacking the necessary intelligence. He seems like a nice enough man (for a politician) though just a bit too clueless about, well, everything 'politicians' are supposed to already know.

In light of that, why this election is so close is completely beyond my comprehension. Granted, Al Gore is not a squeaky-clean-rocket-scientist either - but, come on - we're talking about politicians - and at least he has a few functioning brain cells. Not to mention also that Mr. Bush would have his friends drilling for oil all over pristine areas of Alaska and the rest of the country without a moment's hesitation or concern about the destruction it will cause the environment. Texas is reportedly the most polluted state in the country!

So why is it so close? Is it prejudice? Lieberman is an Orthodox Jew. Is that why? Or, as somene else suggested to me - are too many people just too lacking themselves to know how much he falls short??? Both are frightening thoughts. George W. Bush, after having a father who was President when he was old enough to be paying attention, and who somehow became Governor of one of the largest states in the country - did not even know that Social Security is a FEDERAL program. Hello??? I've heard people try to defend him on this - he was 'on the road', he was 'tired' - bla, bla, bla - I'm sorry, but - no. I don't think so. You just don't forget something like that. He didn't know. So, just who did he think was running it? I can't even imagine.

And there is another thing which both frightens and concerns me to a great degree. At the age of thirty - 30 - George W. Bush, under the influence of enough alcohol to fail three drunk driving tests - made a decision to get into his automobile, start the engine, and lower the gas pedal - endangering not only his own life but the lives of others as well. 30. We're not talking about a party-going kid, here. We're talking about a thirty-year-old man. After thirty years of life on this planet, a reasonably aware person should have aquired enough life experience to be able to make an intelligent decision when dealing with such a situation. An intelligent decision - put your keys away and call a cab. C'mon - it's not like he couldn't financially afford it, is it? At the age of thirty, George W. Bush, legally drunk enough to fail three tests and be arrested - made a decision to get in his car - a big chunk of metal - and drive. What if he had killed somebody? I fail to understand why no one has brought this up. They talk about the fact that he tried to conceal the arrest - they don't talk about the connection involving his capacity to make intelligent decisions. Why not?

Also, George W. Bush claims that he "stopped drinking" fifteen years ago. Nine years after this happened. Stopped - completely. Won't take even one drink now. Hmmm. It is my understanding that the only people who take such actions are those who cannot take even one drink because they lack the ability to stop. In other words - alcoholics. People who can control their drinking do not have to adopt such stringent practices because they are capable of taking a drink or two and stopping. It would appear that GWB is incapable of this. This should concern everyone. When are people most likely to drink? When they are under stress and pressure. Stress and pressure. Hmmm. The Oval Office. No stress there, huh? One could make a reasonable argument that outside of, perhaps, the Post Office - the Presidency is the most stressful job available in the 50 states. If elected, and I cringe at the very thought, but - what happens if it gets too tough? Would he reach for a bottle? There are one thousand, four hundred, and sixty days of stress in a four year Presidential term. 1,460. Fourteen hundred and sixty days of stress-stress-and-more-stress. It only takes one second of weakness to make a bad decision. What happens if he does? The possibilities of what could be occurring at the time are numerous.

At the age of thrty, George W. Bush made a decision to drive his car while intoxicated enough to fail three drunk driving tests. Someone made a comment to me about that, saying, "Well, how many people do that?" Well, a lot, unfortunately. But do we really want any of them leading the country? Shouldn't this be disturbing to everyone?

And then there's his admitted abuse of cocaine, which from his own words appears to have been as recent as just seven years ago (before his campaign officials stifled George from repeating that again - putting enough twists on the report to equal a high-voltage washing machine stuck on the spin cycle. Seven years ago. Does this bother anyone?

In closing, I will revert once again to what I wrote at the beginning of this piece - in this one humble earthling's opinion, George W. Bush does not have the intellectual capacity necessary to be President of our entire nation. And last time I checked, Social Security was still a Federal program.

And I guess that's all I have to say about that. For now, anyway.

Peace 2 u.

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