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Number five.

Just a week ago, I wanted to scream. I wanted to scream so loud that they would hear me in the White House. Loud enough that Resident Bush would hear me between his two deaf and ignorant ears. Not that I thought it would make a damn bit of difference, mind you, I'm sure it would have been completely futile - I just wanted to do it anyway.

And along with my scream I wanted to send a subliminal question: Would someone in the Bush Administration or Republican Party with more than two functioning brain cells and possession of a conscience please stand up? Because this big oil, big business, screw-the-little-guy-and-the-hell-with-the-planet-politics is becoming intolerable.

Just when did our Earth become so unimportant? Four months into Dubya's occupancy of the Oval Office and he's managed to turn this country into an environmental-nightmare-waiting-to-happen much sooner than it will if we all work against it - breaking promises along the way. Gee, why doesn't this surprise me?

George W. Bush - liar, cheat, thief. Go figure. But did anybody really think that he would bite the hands in the pockets that feed him? Big oil and big business that fed his campaign-full-of-lies-and-deceptions to begin with? Hell, no. Not for one second.

But the big question was, and is - what do we do about it now?

And then Jim Jeffords stood up. Hallefrigginlujah.

And now, to all of the Bush-loving Repubs out there, I have just one thing to say - and all of you Dubya-dumpers can say it with me if you want to - with melody and 2/4 time like you did when you were a kid - nah nah nah naaaahh nah!!! I want to shout it from the rooftops. I want to shout it in Dubya's two deaf and ignorant ears. I want to shout it to all the Bush-embracers in the world. I want to dance.

I love you Jim Jeffords. In this one humble earthling's opinion you are a man with intelligence and integrity and I humbly thank you for helping to save our Earth from what would certainly have been irreparable damage and destruction. You are a wonderful human being. I applaud your courage.

And now, the next question is: Are there any other Republican Senators or Representatives out there who are willing to follow him to the lighter side? The side with a clue? The side with all the functioning brain cells? C'mon out there! Show the moron-masquerading-as-a-president that he can't just run the country ass-backward, reversing progress that has already taken too long - and expect to be left with an ounce of power.

Tell him we want to move forward. Tell him about renewable energy sources - wind and solar - which can power the world four times over with no damage to our planet. Tell him he can't drill his way through ANWAR or any other natural refuge. Tell him he can't act like a damn dinosaur and reactivate nuclear power plants that were shut down because they were already too dangerous. Show him pictures of Chernobyl. Show him pictures of Three Mile Island. Show him pictures of two-legged frogs with one eye and humans dying of radiation poisoning and eighteen-kinds-of-cancer and only-God-knows-what-else-is-going-on-in-their-bodies. Show him what slow painful sick death looks like because that is exactly what he wants to do to our planet.

Tell him now.

Scream. (He doesn't seem to hear very well).

And that's all I have to say about that. For now, anyway.

Peace 2 u.

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