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Back when I was still part of the educational system, two high schools and one university refused to print my 'editorials' because they were too "strong," too "edgy," and, as one college editor put it, "had too much bite."

This was confusing to me, because the same editor allowed me, as an Entertainment Editor, to write, in fact, whatever I wanted, with however much edge and bite I could muster, about any film, television show, actor, musician or performer - but, put the same edge into a social subject such as racism, or crimes against nature and humanity, or say something about some corporation that contributed advertisements to the paper, and it was "no, sorry - we can't print that."

So, recently, a friend who knows my history suggested that I use one of my web pages to write editorials. "Just think about it," he said, "no publishers or editors telling you what you can or can't say. No publisher saying, 'we can't print that.' You can print whatever you want. I imagine you have a few things to say."

Well, yeah. I do. But what I don't know or presume is whether or not anyone will be interested in reading it.(?)

And so, if anyone wants to know what I have to say about, well, everything really - you can find it here. But they are just my opinions. And I have a lot of them.

I'll update them whenever inspired to. I can't say how often that will be. I'll take it one day at a time. It will be like one long, extended question.

I will also use this section to provide links to organizations which are working to make this world a better place.

Peace 2 u.

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