Notes on This Image

This image was created after the attacks on September 11th. If the human race is going to survive, every human being on this earth will have to unite equally and create a world that is shared respectfully by all nations. We all share the same sky, the same earth. We are all put here to live upon this land - and since no human being can so magically take even one millimeter of this earth with them when they go - who really owns it anyway?

The fact that human beings kill one another over the concept of owning land and the power to control it - one saying he is more deserving of it than another - or that God gave the land to him and not the other man - is an absurdly twisted mindset and certain by-product of the pitfalls of the worst kind of human conditioning.

Our world has unfortunately reached a place where weapons have been developed which can virtually destroy our entire earth - and we must therefore each commit ourselves to the preservation of our world by finding our common ground and learning to share in the grace the powers-that-be have bestowed upon each of our souls. We must commit to a tolerant, non-violent coexistence - and we must do it now - before greed and the thirst for power take us to a place from where we will not be able to recover.

We are one world. One race. One people.

Pledge peace. Pledge peace not to one country - for doing so keeps us separated.

Unite us.

Pledge peace to the entire world.



(c) 2020 Terry Alice