Notes On This Image

Bang bang. Pull the trigger. It's so easy to do. So easy to take control. And it's legal - though I sincerely doubt that when our forefathers wrote our most coveted Constitution, they envisioned the words 'the right to bear arms' to mean that every American should have a gun in their home.

We live in a violent world - but a loaded gun is violence waiting to happen. Anyone can step in front of a loaded gun - a husband, a wife, a brother, a sister, a friend - a child. It happens every day.

So many people are fascinated by guns. Many children are fascinated by guns. Guns that are purchased for 'safety' and kept in the home are all too often found by a child and fired accidentally with tragic consequences. Or fired out of fear at an unsuspecting innocent human being. It happens so fast - and it can't always be fixed.

A gun can make an insecure person feel powerful; a loaded gun aimed at a human being in the hands of someone who can end a life in a second gives the person holding the gun the power to take a life and the chance to play God. The power to take a life. Why do we create such horrible things? Does any human being have the right to take the life of another?

Many people believe that owning a gun will make them safer - but violence is not, and will never be, a solution to violence. Guns are created to cause pain, death, and destruction. Guns are manufactured to bring violence - and therefore - how can guns make anyone safe? How can guns make the world safe? In a safe world - there is no place for a gun.



(c) 2020 Terry Alice